Next Generation Leasing.

Expertise through experience.

Business and customer-specific requirements call for a new standard of full-service leasing – transparent, cost-effective and customized.

Sixt Leasing AG meets all these requirements:

Our company is one of the largest leasing companies, independent
of banks and manufacturers and serves customers in 50 countries worldwide.

In its 40-plus years of existence, Sixt Leasing has acquired vast experience and extensive know-how on the basis of which it has been constantly developing trendsetting products and services for the benefit of its customers – for you.

Thus, with the help of the latest technologies we are able to design leasing operations in an increasingly simpler and more cost-efficient manner and can offer a full spectrum of service support at every step of the leasing process.

Explore the various benefits of state of the art full-service leasing
– with Sixt Leasing!